20 Snacks That Ruled Every 90’s DubaiKid Which Are Still Available

Snacks do play a very important role in everyone’s childhood. So me being a Dubai kid myself though why not let’s go down the memory lane and remember those snacks that ruled every 80’s & 90’s Dubai kid and which are still available in a majority of the city leading supermarkets.

1. Chips Oman 

Chips Oman is just not a snack it’s a EMOTION. It surely had to top the list. This has been a go to snack for all us even now and remember the days we use to mix everything with chips Oman or shall I say even now as nothing has changed. 

2. Salad Chips

How can we forget this, the only chips which made us feel healthy but is actually not.

3. Safari Chips 

The chilli flavored one really took our mouths on a safari.

4. Sour Punk 

Remember the time we made all those funny faced while eating them and laughed so much? 

5. Raja Chips

This cannot be described in words you need to try them. 

6. Vimto 

Shall I say the king of all juices. Our solution to any drink we wanted was Vimto 

7. Shani 

Do I need to say anything? 

8. Star Lemon

Parents scramming saying we spoil our throats and fall ill. 

9. Orimanin C 

The only enegery drink that gave us wings 😛 

10. Emirates Pokaf

Though now they comes as oven baked but the chips that I always use to get from my neighbours home every evening 

11. Super rings 

One packet was never enough 

12. Choki Choki 

The equal distribution fights with your siblings and if you are the only child, I must say you are very lucky. 

13. Buggels 

Cheese flavor still rocks.

14. Sohar Chips 

How many found out after eating they are actually chicken flavored ? 

15. Alibaba Chips 

The chips shaped liked the aladin’s mat 

16. Americana Pound cake 

I still can’t over this delicious cakes. Still have it in my fridge always. 

17. Americana rolls 

Crying for one more from the fridge 

18. Safari Chocolate 

The chocolate which all made us all full and was truly bumby with its nuts. 

19. Rani 

The queen of all drinks for sure, the name truly does justice. Also, remember when your cousins back home use to ask us to get this for them?

20. Laban Up 

The Arabian buttermilk which is still must have with our everyday lunch during summer.


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