Survey: 3 Among World’s Top 10 Busiest Flight Routes Are From Dubai

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‘Yalla Habibi, Come to Dubai’ is not just a popular Instagram reel anymore. It’s quite true. In fact, as per a recent survey Dubai has dominated the rankings of the world’s busiest airline routes. Prior to the Covid-19 crisis, Asian countries were in the lead. With revenge travel, and the multiple opportunities in Dubai, things have steadily but surely changed. In fact, 7 of the 10 of the world’s busiest routes had a start or end point in the Middle East!

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Dubai Makes A Mark On The Survey Results

Aviation industry specialists OAG did a survey based on the routes with the largest number of scheduled seats from October 2021 to September 2022. These were their findings:

At the number 2 spot was the route connecting Dubai International airport to King Khalid International airport in Riyadh. There were 40 flights daily and 3.19 million available seats.

At the 8th spot, was the Mumbai-Dubai route, with airlines flying 1.97 million seats in 12 months & at the 10th spot was the Delhi-Dubai route with airlines flying 1.9 million seats in 12 months.

Image Courtesy: Dubai International Airport Facebook Page

At the coveted number 1 spot was the world’s busiest & the most competitive route. This is between Cairo in Egypt and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. There was an average of 35 daily flights and nine carriers between the two hubs daily, with a total of 3.2 million scheduled seats.

10 Things To Do In Dubai In 2022

Well, it definitely comes as no surprise that our Dubai has made it to the list, with more and more tourists & traders seeing the city’s full potential; and with the number of things to do in Dubai in 2022. We, at Gulf Buzz are always bringing you the latest findings and here are some just to get you started on. your Dubai discovery journey!

  1. Visit Global Village 2022
  2. Visit The 11th Season of Dubai Miracle Garden 2022
  3. Try out Shisha in iconic Dubai spots
  4. Visit the craziest & biggest malls for some crazy shopping
  5. Go on a desert safari
  6. Join in the city’s spirit with Dubai Fitness Challenge
  7. Enjoy the eclectic spread of world cuisines, quirky restaurants & Unique Street Food Festivals 
  8. Get mesmerised by insanely HIGH high-rises & the craziest architecture
  9. Visit all the Dubai markets!
  10. Get adventurous in the Dubai waters