Special Free Diwali Light Shows Lined Up At Expo City Dubai’s Al Wasl Dome

Bringing back one of the best experiences of Expo 2020 Dubai, starting today (Oct 14th) a series of new shows will be illuminating Al Wasl Dome. In the spirit of the festival, the show will be absolutely free.

Image Courtesy: Khaleej Times

Special Diwali light shows will be displayed at Al Wasl Dome on October 22 & 23rd, celebrating the festival of lights.

The new immersive shows will be projected on the site’s Al Wasl Dome. The show is a dedication to the resilient spirit of humanity, the arts, he breath-taking sights in space and the wonders of the natural world.

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Cosmos Series At Al Wasl Dome

Imagine sitting inside a giant observatory looking at the stars and universe. Cosmos will take visitors on a breathtaking journey as they traverse through constellations, touch the face of Mars & fly weightlessly across galaxies.

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Image Courtesy: Khaleej Times

Expressions Series At Al Wasl Dome

‘Expressions’ is a series to demonstrate how simple, tiny ideas and sounds can lead to big, booming results through great symphonies, poignant poetry and cutting-edge architecture.

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Image Courtesy: Khaleej Times

Nature Series At Al Wasl Dome

In a dedication to mother nature, this series will show the interconnectivity and rhythms of the world. From the tiniest raindrop to the flutter of a butterfly’s wings, every sound & look will be captured to encapsulate the beauty of the world we live in.

Image Courtesy: Khaleej Times
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