Sleeping Enough? Here Are 3 Other Reasons Why You Can Get Dark Circles

It is a common myth that dark circles are just caused by a lack of sleep. But several other things can cause dark circles. Sometimes, dark circles are caused by the actual pigmentation of the skin under our eyes, there are many reasons for that as well. So here are 3 reasons other than a lack of sleep that can cause dark circles:

1. Aging:

Ageing is the most common reason for dark circles. When you start to age, your skin sags and becomes loose, the skin even becomes thinner, hence it appears a little dark than usual.

2. Puffiness: 

“We have a tissue that holds all that back and, for genetic reasons, sometimes contacts lens wearers or really allergic people who rub their eyes a lot, that tissue becomes attenuated and thinner,” said Dr Maryam Zamani, an oculoplastic surgeon based in London who treats various eye issues, is oftentimes hereditary and related to genetics. “When it becomes attenuated and thinner, the fat starts coming forward [and] that creates actual puffiness.”

3. Dehydration: 

“When you drink, you’re losing fluids and electrolytes and you’re losing that fluid underneath your eyes, so it looks more hollow and there’s not as much tissue between your skin and bone socket under your eyes,” said Zamani. “If you have moisture locked into your skin, you are making that skin a little bit thicker in that area, and therefore you can’t see the dilated and tortuous vessels as much underneath it.”

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