Enjoy Chic Interiors & Delicious Food At This New Vegan Restaurant In Dubai

Veganism is known to have many health benefits. It is said that vegans live longer and have better heart health than non-vegans. Hence for all you people living in the UAE, Just Vegan, a concept initiated in 2017, has found its peak in the city. Located on the Jumeirah Road, Just Vegan Jumeirah welcomes everyone to experience its hand-curated exquisite menu in a sophisticated and chic ambience.

Farooq, Restaurant Operations Head said, “Designed by Click My Brand, Just Vegan Jumeirah Restaurant offers a distinct sense of arrival and discovery. The Vegan Private Dining Restaurant, located in the heart of Jumeirah, is intended to look and feel as if it has been there since people started shifting to veganism and only unearthed recently to reveal the artefacts within. Upon arrival, guests immediately experience a green zone that resembles nature, every zone of the restaurant has a story and experience to witness and enjoy.”

The café prepares the fresh food in the house and all sauces, and dips are also produced by them, ensuring everything is 100% vegan. The cosy, luxe and inviting vibe of the restaurant adds to the several reasons this place is set to please the most discerning diners in Dubai. The restaurant is committed to serving everyone open to trying new things but want to replicate the delicious foods they enjoy more healthily and ethically.

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