All About Forest Fires

Forest fires can be categorised into two categories: Human-caused and Natural. Natural fires can occur because of lightning, rise in temperatures, dry weather, etc. Smoking can be one of the reasons humans can cause wildfires. Fires can start at three places: the ground, the surface (which is about 1.3 metres high) and the crown (at the top of the tree). Crown fires are the most dangerous and spread the fastest. While wildfires can sometimes be useful for the soil, as they burn the dead plants and harmful insects from the top layer of the soil, rendering the top layer clean.
Here are few ways to deal with a forest fire:
  • Report the fire at an early stage. Fires detected early are easier to extinguish.
  • The firefighters tending to the fire should have proper equipment and transportation since the forest terrain is usually rugged and difficult to travel in, proper transportation is a must.
  • There is something called distancing planting. In between every few trees, the space of the tallest tree is left. This will ensure that if the tallest tree catches fire and falls, the fire won’t reach other trees and will be stopped automatically.
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