Short Term & Long Term Side Effects Of The New COVID-19 Vaccine

Countries like The UAE, USA and UK have began the process of vaccination this month. The vaccine will be provided in two doses each of which will be 21 days apart. But many are coming up with side effects. This vaccine has both long term and short term side effects. It all depends upon you and your body. The two leading vaccine candidates right now are Moderna and Pfizer vaccines.

Short term side effects:

“The safety of these vaccines is studied in a very rigorous way, through phase one trials, phase two and, most recently, in large phase three trials where tens of thousands of study participants received these vaccines,” said William Moss, executive director of the International Vaccine Access Center at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. “What we know is individuals who receive these vaccines have inflammation ― the technical term for this is reactogenity ― and this represents the body’s immune system response to the vaccine,” he said. Almost 5% to 10% people who were injected with the vaccine experienced short term side effects. Short term side effects are fever, headaches and injection site pain, these effects can last for about 12 to 36 hours after injecting the vaccine.

Long term side effects:

It is said that the second dose of the vaccine will be stronger than the first one, which means that the side effects can last longer. Since the second dose will be given after 21 days, the long term effects are still left to study about. But the basic things that can happen are high fever which will last longer and you might need a few days of rest. With a paracetamol and some rest you should be just fine.


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