What Is Wrong With Apple’s Latest iPhone 15? Overheating, Data Issues & How To Fix Them

Apple’s eagerly anticipated iPhone 15, released on September 12, has caused quite a stir since its launch, especially here in Dubai, where customers lined up to get their hands on this long-awaited device. While many users are delighted with their new iPhones, reports of various issues have surfaced, sparking concern among consumers worldwide. Let me guide you through some of the complaints users have made about the new phone worldwide.

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Overheating Issues: A Hot Topic Among iPhone 15 Users

One of the most prevalent issues with the iPhone 15, particularly the Pro and Pro Max models, is overheating. Numerous users have voiced their concerns about their devices becoming uncomfortably hot, even during normal usage. Apple has acknowledged this problem and is actively working on a solution. They have issued a statement explaining that an upcoming iOS17 update will address the issue by optimising device performance and preventing overheating caused by specific apps.

What Is Wrong With Apple's Latest iPhone 15? Overheating, Data Issues & More Complaints From Users

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Data Transfer Difficulties: Issues With Transitioning To The iPhone 15

Some iPhone users have faced challenges when transferring their data from their old iPhones to the new iPhone 15. Although Apple swiftly released the iOS 17.0.2 software update to address this issue, some users continued to experience difficulties. To resolve this, Apple recommends entering Device Firmware Update mode and restoring the device using a computer.

What Is Wrong With Apple's Latest iPhone 15? Overheating, Data Issues & More Complaints From Users

The Titanium Frame: Colour Changes Problems

A unique feature of the iPhone 15 is its titanium frame. However, some users have reported a peculiar problem – the frame changing colour. Apple has clarified that this change occurs due to fingerprints and skin oils coming into contact with the frame. Fortunately, Apple offers a simple solution – restoring the original colour by gently wiping the frame with a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth.

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Apple Comments On The Overheating Issues & User Complaints

Apple has attributed the overheating issue, in part, to a software bug and certain apps, such as Instagram and Uber, that have been running in ways causing excessive device heat. The tech giant is collaborating with these app developers to ensure that their software is optimised for the iPhone 15. Instagram has already released an update to address this concern, while others, like Uber, are working on their updates, which should be available soon. Apple assures users that, despite these issues, their devices remain safe to use until the software fix is implemented.

So, while the iPhone 15’s launch generated significant excitement, it also brought to light some challenges. Overheating, data transfer difficulties, and colour changes in the titanium frame have been reported by users. Apple is actively addressing these issues through software updates and providing guidance to ensure a positive user experience with their latest device. What do you think of the new iPhone 15? If you haven’t already will you be buying after hearing all these user complaints?

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