Shawn Mendes’ New Netflix Documentary Talks About Breaking Toxic Masculinity Traits

The pandemic has been hard on everyone, be it financially, emotionally or any which way. The most important thing to take care in this crucial time is our mental health, this is exactly what the famous Canadian singer Shawn Mendes is talking about.

“It’s [toxic masculinity], for me, has been something that has caused me the most amount of anxiety,” It’s the feeling of having to be so strong all the time and having to be bigger or better than feeling sad or feeling anxious or feeling upset. Real strength comes from being strong enough and being vulnerable enough to feel those feelings and to cry and to let it go”, said Shawn.

In his new Netflix Documentary, he shows his vulnerable side to his audience. He says men are not very comfortable in showing their emotions which is very wrong. We all are emotional beings and expressing our emotions, makes us feel light and calmer.

“The toughest guys in the world will say they feel better after they cry, and it’s just the truth about life and no matter if you’re a man or a woman it’s just human nature,” he said.


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