Top 5 Places To Visit In Israel

The ties between the UAE and Israel have become back to normal again. UAE residents can visit and see the beauty of Israel from their own eyes. So finish reading this article till the very end, because it will tell you about the top 5 place to visit in Israel.


Cities like Jerusalem are rarely found in today’s time. It is actually one of the most holiest cities around the world. It is holy to Christians, Muslims and Judaists. Here you will experience the rich cultural history of all these religions along with a little Middle Eastern Touch.

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The Dead Sea: 

The lowest point on the Earth is not just a random water body, but has striking and beautiful landscapes surrounding it. If you are a bad swimmer then this place is for you, the sea water here is so salty that no one an drown in it. Behind this sea, you will see the great rift valley.

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Masada National Park: 

Masada is on a giant plateau overlooking the massive dead sea. It is an ancient fortress in Israel’s Judean desert. Here you see the ruins of King Herod’s Palace and a Roman styled bath house with amazing mosaic floors.

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This place is one of the main pilgrimage sites in the country. There are so many stories about Jesus in this particular city in the Holy Bible. Explore the colourful and vibrant bazar of this city and the Basilica of the Annunciation to completely enjoy the energy of this place!

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This city is the home to a beautiful Church which is the Church of the Nativity. It is said that this Church is built over the site where Jesus was born. An excellent place to enjoy some countryside vibes!

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