Having Conflict With The People You Live With? Here’s The Solution

“I don’t think that people were meant to be locked up in their apartments or their homes for weeks and weeks at a time, and doing everything here — living here, working here, educating here. It’s become our gym, our entertainment center. It wasn’t supposed to be like this”, said Bronwyn Singleton, a therapist based in Toronto.

Looking at the circumstances, we don’t know when all this going to end, or simply when are we going to get back to normal. Since winter is here, we are going to stay inside even more. Let’s see some ways to avoid conflict with the people you live with.

Living with a person by whom you are constantly annoyed:

“If you think that your roommate is making you crazy, you probably are doing something that’s not transparent to you that they would also cite,” Singleton said. Save your criticism for the most important stuff, and try to learn to deal with the more petty complaints. “Do your best to be doing your self-care to try to move through some of that grief, irritability, anger, a lot of the stuff that we’re all clogged with right now,” she said.

Maintain space:

If you live with your partner or roommate or parents and all you are working, try to create an office environment. Don’t talk to each other during office hours, talk and sit with each other only during break hours like lunch time or coffee time. If you can, try to work in separate rooms in your home.

Agreed times are hard, and we cannot pick a fight with the people that live with us. We have to make the best of every situation, regardless of however hard the situation might be.


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