Sharjah Announces Full List Of Events, Celebrations For UAE National Day

The UAE’s 51st National Day is coming up , and naturally celebrations are in full force. While most people are looking at getaways for the super long break, Sharjah has ensured that those who stay back enjoy a range of activities from November 24 to December 3, shedding light on the country’s achievements, history, and heritage.

Sharjah’s Celebration Locations

To ensure inclusivity & for people of all walks of life to participate, Sharjah has announced a host of activities across locations. From November 24 to December 3, the celebrations will be held on Flag Island, Al Majaz Amphitheatre, Sharjah National Park, Maliha Public Park, Al Hisn Island and Al Kharous in Dibba Al Hisn, Khorfakkan Amphitheater, Wadi Al Helo and various areas of Kalba, parks and residential areas in Al Bataeh, various areas of Al Madam, Al Dhaid Fort, and the Heritage Village in Al Hamriyah.

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Opening Ceremony At Sharjah National Park

To kick off the celebrations, there will be a grand opening celebration at Sharjah National Park. There will be 2 main performances that you can’t miss out on:

  1. A musical performance entitled ‘Sultan of Giving’ about the achievements of His Highness Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Mohammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, reflecting the urban, cultural, and environmental development achieved under his rule.
  2. A performance called ‘New Era’
  3. Other attractions include a snow village, snow sculpting of national landmarks, and a model of Sharjah landmarks.

In addition to this, there will also be other daily activities from 4.30pm-10pm from November 29 – December 3.

Al Dhaid City

Celebrations at Al Dhaid City include the national march, camel racing, traditional performances, and other cultural events. It will run only from 1st -3rd December. The morning activities will run from 8am to 11am on the first day, while evening activities extend over the three days from 4pm to 10pm.

Mleiha Public Park

On November 24, there will be a national march led by military music, a military band, competitions and various games, prizes, and raffles at Mleiha Public Park. Several segments will be performed with the participation of educational institutions.

KhorFakkan Amphitheatre

In KhorFakkan Amphitheater, a musical evening featuring Eida Al Menhali and Diana Haddad will be held on December 3rd. Along with that, traditional shows and a classical cars show in Souq Sharq on December 2nd.

The celebrations in KhorFakkan will include a national operetta, as well as poetic and artistic performances. Bands from Oman, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait will participate in the UAE celebrations, demonstrating the strong ties between the people of Gulf states.

Al Madam

On November 29-30, Sharjah’s celebrations will move to Al Madam, where people will enjoy performances from police and military bands, an art exhibition, the signing of the allegiance charter, and a narrator segment. The evening segments will include a poetry evening, children’s activities, and popular dishes from productive families, in addition to a Yowlah competition and several workshops.

Al Bataeh

Al Bataeh will host celebrations from November 28-30 in parks and residential areas, including a popular march by government departments and agencies, residents of Al Bataeh, schools, the Sharjah Scouts Commission, and the military band with the participation of folk groups, horse shows, classic cars, and tourist buses.

Kalba and Wadi Al Helo

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Kalba will celebrate on November 27 from 8am to 8pm. Celebrations in Wadi Al Helo will take place on November 30, including a national march, musical performances at Kalba, an operetta, and Al Fursan air show, and sports events and competitions sponsored by Sharjah Marine Sports Club. Kalba Corniche will also host a variety of shows and activities on November 28.

Wadi Al Helo celebrations will take place at the Heritage Village from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm, in the presence of the Wali of Wadi Al Helou. The ceremony will include school performances in coordination with the Department of Culture and Information, and a segment entitled ‘Between the Past and the Present’ in coordination with the Theater Department, in addition to performances by folk groups (Yowlah), folk dances in coordination with schools, and the distribution of gifts and prizes.

Dibba Al-Hisn

Dibba Al-Hisn will hold national day celebrations on November 25, including a popular march at 4pm from the entrance to the city of Dibba Al-Hisn to Al-Hisn island canal. The celebration will include folk songs, operettas, national songs and dances, and competitions until 9pm. On November 26, Al Kharous Public Park will host a popular march that includes folk songs, dances, an operetta, and local families products, in addition to competitions on November 26.

Al Hamriyah

On December 1, the banks of the Hamriyah Creek and the Heritage Village in Hamriyah will host special celebrations, including national songs by students of Al Qalaa School for Basic and Secondary Education, traditional songs by folk groups, and the ’51st National Day Celebration’ video presentation.

This will be followed by the Hamriyah Sports and Cultural Club national competition, a competition for children, a heritage exhibition, local families products in cooperation with the people of the Hamriyah region, the Bedouin environment exhibition, and the classic car exhibition in cooperation with the Sharjah Classic Car Club.