Shah Rukh Khan Allegedly Fined At Airport For Carrying Luxury Watches From UAE

We reported last week that Bollywood megastar Shah Rukh Khan was visiting Sharjah Book Fair and you even had a Chance To Meet Shah Rukh Khan In The UAE. Well, after a successful event Shah Rukh Khan was returning back to Mumbai, India and he was stopped at Mumbai airport by customs officials. Read on to know more:

Shah Rukh Khan Fined At Airport For Carrying Luxury Watches From Sharjah

Khan was returning from Sharjah UAE in a private chartered plane after being named International Icon of Cinema and Cultural Narrative. He was carrying dutiable watches & winder cases worth INR 1.8 million (approximately AED 80,000).

He was stopped at Mumbai International Airport and was reportedly asked to pay INR 683,000 (approximately AED 31,000) penalty for custom duty. A report states that the actor said that all the items were gifts. The official said, “Gift items do not have invoices, so calculating the customs duty took a while. However, after the process, he (Khan) was given the challan of Rs. 6.88 lakhs custom duty, and the matter was wrapped up. It was a routine case of customs duty, and not a great deal.” The official added that the actor cooperated during the procedure throughout the time.

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