Save Up To 40% With Wizz Air’s New MultiPass

If you like saving big bucks when you travel, then this news is sure to make you as happy as a clam! Wizz Air is rolling out a new service called ‘Wizz MultiPass,’ which lets passengers pay a fixed monthly fee. In return, you get a consistent price for both your ticket and baggage all year round on international flights to and from the UAE. This means no more worrying about seasonal price spikes or last-minute charges. If your jaw just dropped hearing this news, keep reading, and I’ll tell you all the details you need to know.

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Customisable & Rewarding

With the Wizz MultiPass, you can travel multiple times a year and earn loyalty rewards along the way. You can also customise your plan to fit your needs—whether you need a one-way ticket, a round trip, WIZZ Priority boarding, or a 20 kg checked-in bag. Subscription prices range from AED 259 to AED 1067 per month. Wizz Air says that MultiPass subscribers can save up to 40% on tickets, even to popular destinations like Athens, Santorini, and Male.

Wizz Air MultiPass Prices

Here’s a breakdown of the monthly subscription costs:

  • Ticket-only: AED 259 (one-way), AED 519 (return)
  • Ticket and Wizz Priority: AED 369 (one-way), AED 739 (return)
  • Ticket + 20kg checked-in bag: AED 423 (one-way), AED 847 (return)
  • Ticket + Wizz Priority + 20kg checked-in bag: AED 533 (one-way), AED 1067 (return)

Blackout Dates

While the Wizz MultiPass lets you travel whenever you want for a fixed rate, there are a few blackout dates to keep in mind if you’re using the UAE subscription, where the offer will not be applicable. These dates are:

  • June 14-19
  • July 5-7
  • September 13-16
  • December 3-4
  • December 20-24
  • December 29-30

So, if you’re looking to travel more and spend less, the Wizz MultiPass might just be the perfect fit for you.

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