Save On Airfare When You Travel With This Indian Airline

Air India Express has just rolled out with a game-changing offer for passengers travelling between the UAE and India. In a recent announcement, the airlines introduced ‘Xpress Lite fares’, specifically tailored for passengers who prefer to travel without the hassle of check-in baggage. Does that mean ticket prices will be cheaper with this option? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this new Air India Express feature.

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Embracing Freedom: Xpress Lite Fares

When choosing Xpress Lite fares, not only do you get the standard 7kg cabin baggage, but there’s also an option to pre-book an additional 3kg cabin baggage during booking or later in the ‘Manage’ or ‘Check-in’ sections of the airline’s website or mobile app. The convenience doesn’t stop there – if you foresee the need for check-in baggage services, Air India Express allows the pre-booking of additional allowances at discounted rates for both 15kg and 20kg excess baggage slabs.

Alternatively, you can also make on-the-spot purchases at the airline’s counters in the airport – providing travellers with unmatched flexibility and convenience throughout their journey.

A Win-Win For India-UAE Travellers

Good news for those travelling between India and UAE – the Xpress Lite package is now applicable, providing an excellent opportunity to save on airfares while enjoying a hassle-free journey. The budget carrier operates a whopping 195 flights weekly between India and the UAE, including key destinations like Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, and Al Ain. Across the Gulf region, Air India Express spreads its wings with a total of 308 weekly flights.

This new feature by Air India Express marks a significant step forward in making air travel not only affordable but also a delightful experience for all passengers. Visit their website now and start saving!

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