5 New Rules In Dubai For 2024 That You Must Be Aware Of

Big changes are coming your way in Dubai for 2024, and it’s not just about the soaring skyscrapers and desert adventures. The UAE is rolling out some fresh regulations to keep things in check and make life even better for everyone. These new rules are all about enhancing sustainability, streamlining services, and ensuring everything runs smoothly. Here are all the new rules you should know about in Dubai & UAE for 2024

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1. Nation-Wide Ban On Single-Use Plastic Bags

Starting January 1, 2024, a ban on single-use plastic bags has been put into effect across Dubai. There are a few exceptions to this rule, mainly for specific packaging purposes. This initiative, spearheaded by HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, aims to contribute to a greener environment. Subsequently, from June 1, 2024, single-use bags made from alternative materials will also be prohibited. Non-compliance with this regulation will result in a fine of AED 200. It’s worth noting that Abu Dhabi has already implemented a ban on single-use plastic bags since June 2022.

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2. Nol Cards Increase Minimum Top-Up Fee To AED 20

As of Monday, January 15th users of the Dubai metro or bus will have to spend a minimum of AED 20 if they want to top up their Nol cards at the official ticket office. The current lowest price of a Nol card top-up is AED 5. Here is where that twist I mentioned earlier comes in. You can still just spend AED 5 to top-up your Nol card the trick is to do it online instead of going to the Metro station ticket office. and lucky for you there are plenty of ways to top-up your Nol card online.

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3. Temporary Pause On UAE Raffles & Prize Draws

Mahzooz, a popular lucky draw in the UAE, has declared a temporary pause in its operations. This decision aligns with new gaming regulations, aiming to ensure a well-regulated gaming environment in the country. As of January 1, 2024, prize draws and raffles have been put on hold until further notice.

4. Dubai Mall To Soon Implement Paid Parking

This new rule in particular has shocked the nation. Emaar Malls, in collaboration with Salik, has announced that parking at the Dubai Mall will transition to a paid service. The payment system will include a barrier-free setup with automated vehicle plate recognition. The charges will be directly deducted from the user’s Salik account. This new system is anticipated to be implemented in the third quarter of 2024. Keep an eye on Gulf Buzz for updates on the announcement of the parking fee amount.

5. E-Scooters Are BANNED Inside The Dubai Metra

Dubai RTA announces a ban on e-scooters within the metro and tram services. Aimed at ensuring passenger safety, this decision leaves daily commuters in suspense about the future of e-scooters on other public transportation modes, introducing an element of uncertainty into the city’s evolving transport landscape.

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