This Country Is Now Offering Visa-Free Travel To UAE Citizens – Top 3 Places You Must Visit

Great news for travel enthusiasts! The UAE and Mongolia have recently agreed on a visa-free travel deal, enabling UAE nationals to visit Mongolia for up to 30 days without needing a visa. This agreement aims to foster stronger ties between the two nations, making travel more accessible for citizens of both the UAE and Mongolia. Here are all the details you need to know, included some top places you should visit while you’re there.

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Visa Exemption Details

The memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed by the UAE and Mongolia outlines a mutual visa exemption for holders of ordinary, diplomatic, special, and mission passports. This means that UAE nationals with these passports can enter Mongolia without a visa and stay for a maximum of 30 days per visit. Similarly, citizens of Mongolia holding diplomatic, official, and regular passports are exempted from requiring a visa to enter the United Arab Emirates.

Here Are Top 3 Places You Should Visit While In Mongolia

1. Explore Ulaanbaatar

When in Mongolia, starting your journey in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city, is a great choice. Ulaanbaatar offers an array of museums, monasteries, and other fascinating sites. It also serves as an excellent base for planning further adventures in Mongolia. To make the most of your visit, consider staying in a reputable hotel or hostel for the initial days to acquaint yourself with the city and its culture.

2. Enjoy Khovsgol Lake

Experience the beauty of Khovsgol Lake, where you can engage in activities such as fishing, kayaking, and hiking. Whether you choose to travel by bus or fly to Mörön, one of the main cities along the lake, you’re in for breathtaking views and a chance to revel in the pristine surroundings.

3. Immerse Yourself In Mongolian Festivals

For a true cultural immersion, attend one of Mongolia’s vibrant festivals. The Naadam festival, held from July 11-13, offers a glimpse into traditional Mongolian sports and dance, along with an array of delectable Mongolian cuisines. Another remarkable festival is the Bayan-Ölgii Eagle Festival, held during late September and/or early October, where you can witness captivating events and even hold one of the magnificent golden eagles.

More Visa-Free Destinations

Excitingly, Mongolia isn’t the only Asian country with visa announcements. UAE residents might soon enjoy visa-free entry to Indonesia. Additionally, there are a host of other countries, including Armenia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Kenya, and Georgia, where UAE residents can travel without a visa.

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