Dubai Announces Nol System Upgrade – New Features Like Family Tickets & Trip Planning

Just recently on January 15th, Dubai announced a new increased minimum top-up amount for your Nol card. RTA dropped a tweet revealing that the minimum top-up for Nol cards is getting a significant bump – applicable to those topping up at the ticket offices.

Now Nol, is once again in the process of a significant upgrade, transitioning to an account-based model utilizing central wallet technology. The ambitious AED 350-million project is scheduled for a phased rollout and is anticipated to be fully operational by the end of 2025, according to a senior official quoted by Khaleej Times.

First, let’s take you through the change in top-up amount announced in January:

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So What’s The New Amount?

Well as of Monday, January 15th users of the Dubai metro or bus will have to spend a minimum of AED 20 if they want to top up their Nol cards at the official ticket office. The current lowest price of a Nol card top-up is AED 5. Here is where that twist I mentioned earlier comes in. You can still just spend AED 5 to top-up your Nol card the trick is to do it online instead of going to the Metro station ticket office. and lucky for you there are plenty of ways to top-up your Nol card online.

Where Can I Top-Up My Nol Card Online?

You can use these online payment methods to continue to pay a minimum top-up amount of AED 5:

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1. Nol Pay App: On-the-Go Topping Up Made Simple

For a seamless on-the-go experience, grab the nol Pay app. Compatible with most iPhones and Android devices. Just follow the steps – tap, hold, enter, and voilà, your nol card is topped up and ready to roll.

2. Dubai Now App: A Gateway to 170+ Services

The dubainow app is your key to 170+ government services, including nol card top-ups. Log in with your UAE pass account, hit ‘bills,’ then ‘nol,’ and follow the steps to effortlessly recharge your card.

3. Careem App: Beyond Rides – Topping Up Simplified

Now, you can recharge your nol card through the Careem app. Just head to ‘Bills and Recharge’.

4. Recharge With Your Banking App

If you’re not a fan of cluttering your phone with apps, no worries! You can easily use your banking app to add credit to your nol card. For those banking with Emirates NBD, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB), or Emirates Islamic, the process is a breeze through the banking application, with just an extra AED 1 fee.

5. Your Local Grocery Store

RTA has scattered top-up agents across the city, and guess what? Many of them are in your local grocery stores, cafeterias, and mini-marts. Use the RTA top-up agents map to locate the nearest one and recharge with ease.

6. Petrol Stations: Fuel Up, Top Up

Next time you’re at the pump in ENOC, EPPCO, or Zoom stores, why not multitask? Top up your nol card while fueling up your vehicle – a quick and efficient way to keep both your car and card running smoothly.

7. RTA Website: Digital Ease at Your Fingertips

Embrace the digital era and recharge your nol card through the RTA website. Enter your nol tag ID, confirm your registered email address, choose the amount (minimum AED 7.50, maximum AED 1,000), and complete the transaction. If you prefer mobile apps, the RTA Dubai app is your go-to alternative.

8. Solar-Powered Convenience: Bus Stop Top-Up Machines

Look for solar top-up machines, available at select bus stops. Cash-only and incredibly handy, these machines keep you on the move.

9. S’Hail App: More Than Just Navigation

S’Hail is your trusty navigation app for Dubai, but did you know it can also handle your nol card top-ups? Navigate to the ‘Top up nol card’ option on the home page, enter your nol tag ID and email address, and breeze through the payment process.

Exclusive Perks with Nol Plus

Now here’s some good news everyone can enjoy – Nol Plus, is your golden ticket to a loyalty and rewards extravaganza. RTA rolled out this cool program just for Nol card holders. Every time you swipe your card for Dubai Metro, taxis, buses, or parking, you’re racking up points. What do these points get you? Special benefits, of course! Top up your Nol account or snag discounts at select restaurants – the choice is yours.

Get ready to ride, reload, and reap the rewards with your Nol card – Dubai’s ultimate travel companion!

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Facial Recognition Feature On Nol

The enhanced system will incorporate cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence, notably facial recognition. Presently, Nol users are required to possess a physical or digital card, and this requirement will persist even after the implementation of the new system. However, the upgrade introduces the concept of an account that can be linked to one or multiple cards, offering a digital payment system based on centralized transport fare wallet technology. Digital wallets, online services for electronic payments, and storage of e-tickets or documents, will play a pivotal role in the upgraded system.

Mattar Al Tayer, Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), highlighted some of the innovative features of the new system, including support for trip planning, booking, and pre-payment through smart channels. The system will also introduce integrated packages covering a wide range of services, along with the issuance of family and group tickets.

Link Multiple Cards To Accounts

Salah Almarzooqi, Director of Automated Collection Systems Department, explained that users will have the flexibility to link multiple cards to their accounts, enabling transactions and balance transfers between cards for family members. The introduction of facial recognition for payments is one of the key features of the upgraded system, allowing users to register their bio-data.

The account associated with the new system will provide users with comprehensive information, including account balances, travel history, pricing details, and fare calculations. It aims to empower users to manage their accounts efficiently and handle issues such as lost cards. The system is designed to ensure seamless integration across various transit modes in Dubai.

Advantages of the upgraded system include a significant technological upgrade in payment systems, improvements in operational efficiency, and the provision of personalized services and products. The digital payment system is expected to enhance data utilization and analysis based on trip origins and destinations.

Since its introduction in 2009, the RTA has issued over 30 million Nol cards. In 2023, the daily average card use reached 2.5 million payment transactions, amounting to Dh2 billion. Nol cards have played a crucial role in facilitating public transport mobility and the payment of public parking fees throughout the emirate. The system’s functionalities were expanded in 2017 to include payment services in retail outlets and cover entrance fees for various public and private establishments in Dubai.

Al Tayer emphasized that this upgrade marks a crucial step in embracing the rapid global advancements in digital payment solutions and fintech.

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