Instagram Introduces Monetization On Reels! #ReelPlay

Credits: Pixabay

Have you ever wanted to make money from your Instagram reels? Well the time has finally arrived!

Until now, brand sponsorships and affiliate marketing were some of the main ways to get paid for creating Reels. Now Instagram also gives creators the opportunity to earn money under the Instagram Reels Play Program!

Reels Play on Instagram is a way to earn some cash directly from Instagram for creating amazing reels. The more plays your reels get, the more you earn.

Instagram will also give you more earnings for your first views! According to Instagram, it’s a way for creators to earn money directly through Instagram instead of through a brand sponsorship or an affiliate program.

Reels Play is a way for Instagram to encourage users to create more Reels, allowing the platform to compete with TikTok.


The criteria are fairly simple. To be eligible for Reels Play you’ll need to:

  • Have less than a million followers
  • Have a professional account
  • Follow Instagram’s Partner Monetization Policies
  • Live in the US

As of now, it’s available on an invite-only basis to creators based in the U.S but Instagram plans to gradually roll out the program globally.

How does it work?

If you’re eligible, you’ll receive an invitation on your Professional Dashboard on Instagram. You just have to accept the invitation to get started!

This is a great opportunity and will help a ton of influencers and professional Instagram Accounts. We really hope that the creators roll out this program for the rest of the world soon!