Here’s Why We’ve Been Experiencing A Warmer Winter This Year

Last year, on New Year’s Eve, I was freezing to the point where I couldn’t even take off my coat (and I had a super cute NYE outfit), but this year, winter in UAE just hasn’t felt the same. Temperatures in the evenings have barely dropped below 20°C this winter and even rains haven’t touched all parts of the city. So, the experts over at the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) have given a lowdown on what’s happening with the weather in the UAE this winter. Here is what you need to know.

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December Saw Higher Than Average Temperatures

The latest scoop from the NCM reveals that the UAE is experiencing a softer winter compared to the norm. December has been strutting around with higher average temperatures, giving us a break from the usual chilly affair of previous years.

What Temperatures Can We Expect To See For January?

January is expected to keep things toasty during the day at around 24ºC, dipping to a cool 15ºC in the evenings, fingers crossed. And if you find yourself in the mountains, brace yourself for even lower temperatures.

So What Is The Reason Behind This Fluctuating Weather?

Dr. Ahmed Habib from the NCM delves into this winter’s nuances. He notes that both December and January have experienced a generalized temperature increase, surpassing typical averages. Despite isolated cooler pockets, the overall trend leans towards warmer conditions. Dr. Ahmed attributes it to the high-pressure system from Siberia, pushing cold air into our cozy corner of the world.

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Rain Check: Less Rainfall This Winter

Dr. Ahmed emphasised that December 2023 witnessed a reduction in rainfall compared to previous years for the same month. The country experienced rainfall, albeit not in the same abundance as the preceding year. Surface and upper layer pressure systems over the UAE played a pivotal role in modulating this trend.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Seeding

Cloud-seeding, the superhero of the UAE skies, continues its mission in 2024. Dr. Ahmed spilled the beans, sharing that Monday and Tuesday witnessed cloud migration through the northern regions. So, they decided to conducted cloud-seeding operations, prompting rainfall to happen over Hatta, Al Ain, and parts of Fujairah.

As winter officially sweeps in, brace yourself for the Shamal winds. These northwesterly winds usher in blowing sand and dust across inland areas. And if you’re a fan of fog and mist, you’re in luck – they’re expected to make more appearances, especially in the early mornings. So, grab your cup of hot cocoa, cozy up, and enjoy the warmth of this unique UAE winter!

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