What Has Been The Hottest Temperature The UAE Has Ever Recorded?

Is anyone missing that December breeze right about now? I definitely agree with you. So far, Dubai has been averaging a steady 37°C at its peak. And this is only the beginning; temperatures are bound to keep increasing as we keep creeping into the summer months. Every day feels like the new hottest day of the year, but today we’ll uncover the real hottest temperature the UAE has ever experienced.

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So What Is The Real Hottest Temperature You May Ask

Well, to answer that one, we need to understand how this accurate measurement came to be. Using specialist calibrated equipment and recording temperatures in the shade – this is because recording temperatures in the shade increases the level of accuracy as exposure to direct sunlight would increase the temperature of the thermometer rather than measure the accuracy of the actual air temperature.

UAE’s top researchers have documented that the hottest temperature ever recorded in the UAE was in July of 2002, with a record-breaking temperature of 52.1ºC (125.78ºF). I’m already sweating just reading this number.

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So How Does The Heat Affect Us?

Humidity places a significant factor in how heat affects us as well. Due to the UAE’s Coastal location, there are always high amounts of water vapour in the air. When these levels are high, the warm moisture stays on our skin for a more extended period, consequently making us feel even hotter than what the actual temperature suggests.

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However, our bodies work their hardest to help regulate our internal temperatures and keep us feeling cooler. Sweating is our body’s very own equilibrium mechanism, and this helps us maintain that steady temperature so that we don’t overheat in the sun.

How To Take Care During All This Summer Heat

We wants all our amazing Gulf Buzz read out there to stay safe during the summer. Here are some sure fire ways to keep safe during high temperatures:

  • Plenty of sunscreen – do not forget to reply after ever 2-3 hours or you will not get the proper protection from the SPF
  • Hydration – stay hydrated throughout the day, cary along a reusable water bottle wherever you go
  • Wear a hat – if you plan on being outdoors for most of your day, it may be a good idea to wear a hat to avoid direct sunlight to the top of your head.
  • Light coloured clothes – light coloured clothes such as white, deflect the suns rays and this can aid in helping you stay cooler during the summer

But with that being said don’t be afraid of a little bit of sunshine. Go out and hit the beach and then relax in a nice air condition cooled Gulf Buzz recommended restaurant. Happy summer everyone!

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