What is The Coldest Temperature The UAE Has Ever Experienced?

It’s hot, it’s really hot! UAE just marked its hottest day this year, and boy, did the temperature reach scorching heights. We’re talking about a jaw-dropping 50.8°C! That’s right, on August 26th the mercury shot up to this fiery number in Owtaid town, Abu Dhabi, on a Saturday afternoon that felt like a blast furnace. If you thought that’s intense, wait till you hear what the coldest day the UAE has ever experienced is.

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Chilling Tale: UAE’s Coldest Day Unveiled

While the UAE is no stranger to heatwaves that feel like stepping onto the sun, did you know that it has its fair share of icy stories too? Picture this: a bone-chilling -2ºC. Yes, you read that right, it’s not a typo! That’s the coldest temperature ever recorded in the UAE, and it happened in January 2021. But hold onto your earmuffs, because here comes the surprise – this chilly record was set in Raknah, Al Ain. But, isn’t that a low-lying area you may ask? You bet! It’s not perched halfway up a mountain, and that’s what makes this frosty fact even more intriguing.

It was a historical first, as temperatures in the UAE dipped below the freezing point for the very first time since we started keeping records. Now, if that doesn’t make you do a double-take, I don’t know what will. It’s like nature decided to serve up both ends of the temperature spectrum in this land of extremes. So, whether you’re sweating under the blazing sun or bundling up against the unexpected chill, remember, the UAE’s weather stories are as fascinating as they come.

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