How To Feel Normal Again

The definition of normal has taken a serious turn this year. People are still having trouble in accepting the new normal. Some people have a hard time even to get by the day. “When things are normal, you don’t have to put as much cognitive energy into anticipating what’s next because it’s the rhythm of the day,” McKernan, an associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences professor at Tennessee’s Vanderbilt University Medical Center said. “We’re having to put so much additional cognitive effort into what’s going on throughout the day.” But acceptance and moving forward is the key in life, so here’s how you should do it:

Try a rewarding activity every week: 

Rewarding activities provide a great motivation and increase serotonin (happy hormones) in your body. This feeling is equivalent to the feeling you get after doing some charity or social work. For example during the weekend you can make sure to clean your cupboard or a drawer in your kitchen.

Celebrate festivals:

Since winters come along with a lot of festivals, don’t forget to celebrate them. Decorate your house, dance, sing, cook a festive special dish, wear new clothes, etc. You can try playing games with your family, this will help everyone in your house to just take a break and feel better.

Be gentle with yourself and others: 

Above all remember that it is okay to feel low sometimes, we are just mere human beings and sometimes it is hard to control our emotions. Same is the case with other people in your family, so help them and help yourself as well sometimes.


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