Everything About Shah Rukh Khan’s Luxurious Dubai Home ‘Jannat’ – Cost, Location & Pics

Who doesn’t love the King of Bollywood – Shah Rukh Khan? His mass appeal in Dubai is SO HUGE, that on his birthday the Burj Khalifa lit up with wishes for him. For a man that is so loved in Dubai, it only makes sense that he has a home in Dubai that’s well, King Size. So here’s all the details you need to know about Jannat – Shah Rukh Khan’s luxurious Dubai home.

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Inside Jannat – Shah Rukh Khan’s Dubai Home

  • Jannat is built on a private island in Dubai’s it is located at the K frond of Palm Jumeirah. It is apparently the biggest man made seashore of sand in the world.
  • The luxurious villa is spread across a 14,000 sq ft plot with six bedrooms, two remote controlled garages, private pool and a beach view
  • The interiors are done by Shah Rukh’s wife – Gauri Khan
  • This property was gifted to SRK by Nakheel Khan, a property developer in Dubai, in the year 2007, after obtaining approval from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The villa is supposedly worth INR 18 crores
  • The exterior of the villa is open to visitors & you can click pictures. However, the interior is strictly private.

They love spending family time at the villa & find it the perfect location for New year’s especially with the convenience of a quick flight.

Gauri Khan had once said in an interview, “We have retained the villa’s original floor, ceiling and wall covers. I have, over time, styled the villa with pieces of furniture from my travels and those created at my design studio. My design preference tends towards warmth, comfort, and minimalism. This is a place where the family converges for holidays—kids are back from boarding schools and so on—so the focus is ease.”

Shah Rukh Khan’s Favourite Part Of Jannat

Speaking on SRK’s favourite corner in their Dubai home, Gauri Khan said: “There are many. But we both love the couch in this one corner in the living room that overlooks the garden and the sea. It’s a lovely place to relax with a cup of tea.”

The Kids’ Favourite Part Of Jannat

Talking about the children’s rooms, Gauri said, “The room details such as flooring, and wall covers were pre-designed in the villa. We’ve personalised it for the children based on interest. So, Aryan’s room has a massive TV, and that is the focus of attention because he loves his video games and spends most of his time there. AbRam is little and spends most of his day on the beach, while Suhana loves being by the pool.”

A Sneak Peak Into Jannat

SRK & Gauri’s daughter Suhana soaking up some sun
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