Dubai’s Viral Pistachio Kunafa Chocolate Is Now An Ice Cream! – Just In Time For Summer

Yes, you read that right! Imagine everything you loved about the original Pistachio Kunafa Chocolate, but now make it 10 times better, and you have the Pistachio Kunafa ICE CREAM! (can you tell I’m a big-time ice cream lover?) Just in time for the summer heat, no one does dessert right like UAE. If you want to know how to get your hands on this creamy Pistachio goodness, then keep reading to find out.

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A Pistachio Paradise Made For You

Let me paint you a picture of how this viral ice cream comes together to become your perfect summer treat. It all starts with a freshly baked waffle cone lined with gooey chocolate sauce. Then, it’s filled with crispy, toasted kunafa, adding a delightful crunch to every bite. And it doesn’t stop there. The cone is filled once more with sweet pistachio kunafa paste, making sure in every bite, you can’t forget that this is the ultimate pistachio dessert.

Then, this masterpiece is topped with a creamy soft-serve pistachio ice cream, perfectly swirled for that Instagram-worthy look. To make this treat truly exceptional, it’s crowned with even more chocolate sauce and toasted kunafa on top. The result? A dessert that’s crunchy, creamy, and utterly delicious.

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The Perfect Sweet Treat

The best part? This decadent delight is only AED 28, making it an affordable indulgence. So, what’s not to love about this ultimate summer dessert?

Where To Get Yours

You can find this ice-cold treat at the Frozen Factory in Sharjah and Ajman. Don’t miss out on experiencing the latest dessert sensation that’s capturing hearts all over UAE. Enjoy a taste of dessert heaven and beat the summer heat with this delicious Pistachio Kunafa Ice Cream!

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