Dubai: The Viral Tik Tok Mango Ice Cream Is Finally Here & It Costs Less Than AED 15!

I’d say Dubai is usually fast to jump on any latest trends bandwagon, but this time, we are fairly late to the game. I wouldn’t blame you if you couldn’t remember what I was talking about without seeing the image first. But I say better late than never. Dubai has finally got a hold of the crazy viral mango ice cream all the way from Korea. Keep reading, and I’ll tell you exactly where you can find this sweet treat in town.

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What Is The Viral Mango Ice Cream All About?

Before I spill the beans on where you can find this delectable treat, let me fill you in on all the sweet details for those of you who think I’m crazy for obsessing over an ice cream stick. Imagine a soft, creamy, sweet mango-flavoured ice cream, all of which is encapsulated by a thin and crisp white chocolate coating. And that’s not even the best part. If you think the reason why they call it the ‘mango ice cream’ is simply because of its flavour, then you’d be wrong.

The white chocolate coating outside is carefully coloured with the refreshing and vibrant hues that make up a mango. At the same time, the ice cream is meticulously moulded to resemble the most perfect mango shape you have ever seen. And that, my friends, is what they call it the ‘mango ice cream’, and that is precisely why it went insanely viral over all social media platforms.

Where Can You Find The Viral Mango Ice Cream In Dubai?

Alright, I think you’ve waited long enough to hear these details. The viral mango ice cream from Korea has been spotted at Arab Sweets. Which is conveniently located in Al Quoz 1. And I have the best news for you: it’s priced at a whopping AED 14.95! This not only makes it a sweet treat but a very affordable one, too. But now we still need to wait for the viral peach ice cream to grace us in Dubai, too. Maybe one day.

So, what are you waiting for? Try it out for yourself, and let’s see if the hype is really worth it.

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