Dubai’s Insane AYA Universe – The Ultimate Real Life ‘Avatar’ Experience

aya dubai - everything you need to know

Welcome to AYA Universe, a celestial oasis nestled within the vibrant heart of Dubai. Prepare to be captivated as we embark on an immersive journey, uncovering the enchanting features and captivating experiences that await those who venture into this ethereal realm.

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What Is AYA Universe? 

Aya is a carefully created futuristic, immersive experience for all ages, created by Hyper Space, a Dubai-based “future forward” entertainment company. Over a 4000 square metre area, there are 12 different rooms. The Source, Harmonia, Flora, etc. are just a few examples of the themes used to build each room. As you move from room to room, you get the impression that you’ve entered another world. To create a special experience, they combine music, lighting, projections, and — in one room — water.

CEO of Hyperspace, Alexander Heller had said this about AYA Universe

“Aya has been designed to evoke wonder and awe in an out-of-this-world trip to a beautiful universe. It combines entertainment and interactive technology to deliver immersive storytelling in an entirely new way – a first for Dubai and for the world.

“It’s like when TikTok and Fortnite had a big physical baby, it’s a park powered by tokens and digital assets.”

Aya Universe is located on the first floor of Wafi City Mall in Dubai and is an elaborate experience of wonder and magic. Visitors are free to roam through the Aya rooms as they please for as long as they would like. The recommended time to fully bask in the glory of AYA is around 2 hours.

Dubai's Insane AYA Universe - The Ultimate Real Life 'Avatar' Experience

What Can You Expect To See From AYA?

AYA universe is separated into 12 unique sections, that bring different worlds of fantasy to life. The 12 worlds are as follow:

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THE SOURCE: This 3,250 square foot area houses the first AYA experience. A mystical chamber of digital pools and a touch-responsive dome that tunes into human senses spark the experience, and nearby projections give the area new life. Visitors will be taken into the beautiful universe by a six-minute display using touch reactive LED pools and cutting-edge technology.

AURORA: This interactive experience immerses visitors in 230 square feet of interactive artwork designed to stimulate the senses through movement and gesture control. A preview of what’s to come can be seen in pools of cosmic dust that are reflected from beyond the stars, with waves of light cascading across the region and a rainbow of colours dancing.

DRIFT: A 2,000 square foot zone that offers access to the centre of the AYA universe and is a sizable additional area to explore. You’ll feel weightless as you recline on a lush hillside that softly trembles in time with the music and travel to a serene new location thanks to a panoramic projection.

THE POOL: Immersive projections connect the journey to the start of the river exploration. The experience’s next chapter begins with an infinity vortex designed to overwhelm the senses of anyone who enters it.

LUNA: Enter the Luna zone to venture beyond the stars. What to expect in this magical and Instagrammable zone is better explained in this video.

OUTLAND: This zone is divided into three chapters to introduce new avatars and characters for the AYA experience. Movement rules an imaginary corridor where the presence of guests calls forth fresh creatures from this alluring new world. Thanks to innovations like skeletal tracking and projection mapping, visitors can dance alongside the avatars of this unexplored domain.

CELESTIA: Interacting with light beams in this fully immersive area that projects a mapped vision of the cosmos causes celestial events to occur. The 13-minute show features an interactive spatial game as well as a light show that spans five different chapters.

THE RIVER: The Deep and The Dunes, as well as storms and pools of colour and light, are all created with each step you take inside this 2,000 square foot space. In a hidden, unlockable chapter of the adventure, this place is brought to life by a river of vibrancy, LED screens, and movement-detecting sensors.

THE FALLS: A waterfall that responds to audio and runs backwards to defy gravity marks the end of the river journey in this section of the attraction.

TIDES: An infinite mirrored chamber embellished with LED totems and an interactive monolith serves as the centrepiece of this eight-minute performance, which is divided into four distinct storytelling chapters.

FLORA: Light-based creatures in this bioluminescent garden respond to and react to visitors’ movement. Using presence detection technology, this nine-minute programme transports viewers into an intelligent oasis of all living things.

HARMONIA: A robotic light show in a sizable, mirror-like infinity zone will be featured in the program’s three-minute finale.

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How Much Does It Cost?

Tickets can be bought Online or at the gate, however there are varying prices depending on that. If you buy your ticket online it is AED 99 and tickets at the door are AED 125. And here’s a little treat, children under 3 years-old can enter for free, so feel free to take your kids or nieces and nephews and don’t let them miss out of this breathtaking experience.

However there is a tale of caution that you should keep in mind before you plan your visit for AYA universe. Be aware that most of the rooms are dark and occasionally use strobe lighting, which can be quite frightful for young children and anyone with epilepsy. Do keep an eye out for the young children or elderly as they could trip because of the steps.

AYA universe’ amazingly captivating environment will leave you enchanted for days after, make you wish you could go back again and again. I can also guarantee that this will become your new favourite places for Instagram stories and pictures.

Quick Details:

Location: First floor, Wafi City Mall, Dubai
Timings: Weekdays from 10am to 10pm and Friday-Saturday from 10am to 12am
Tickets: for online tickets click here

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