Dubai Now Has The World’s Largest Mobile Clothing Store

Isn’t it your dream to shop from a mobile store especially in these uncertain times? Telal Gents Fashion has been awarded a Guinness World Record for the Largest Mobile Clothing Store. Shopaholic men in Dubai your time is here! Launched earlier this month, this traditional gents’ fashion brand is the first company in the UAE to convert a fleet of buses into custom-made replicas of their stores, offering customers an on-demand mobile boutique straight to their doorstep.

The mobile shopping initiative was born during the global pandemic, named ‘مسبار الأزياء’ ‘Probe of Fashion’, with the motto ‘التلال أقرب إليك’; Telal closer to you. Director Hassan Thurabi said, “We noticed a 30 percent dip in customer footfall during the pandemic due to lockdown restrictions and a reluctance from people to go outside for non-essential goods. To grow and in line with customer expectations, we had to find a solution to the situation fast, so we invented a platform to support the new needs of our customers and brought our services to our customers’ doorsteps at the click of a button. ‘مسبار الأزياء’ is one of the company’s most successful projects, boosting our sales by over 50 percent as well as enhancing our customer satisfaction and experience.”

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