What Does Steam Inhalation Actually Do?

Since the pandemic started, steam inhalation is said to be a very effective and easy cure for the virus. But is this true? While steam inhalation can help but it is not the cure. Neither is taking too much steam good for you. So let’s see the science behind steam inhalation and what it actually does:

When you have a sore throat, cold, or any other kind of infection, blood vessels that are present along the linings of the nasal tract and sinuses become inflamed and irritated. This results in the formation of mucus and hence congestion. Steaming can help ease the irritation and allow relief in breathing by diluting the mucus.

But there are no scientific studies to support that steam inhalation helps with COVID-19 treatment. It can help reduce the symptoms but it is not a cure for the virus. Too much steam inhalation can be bad for you, it can lead to scalding of the skin airways and if not taken in isolation it can spread the infection to someone else.

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