All About Tiktok’s Viral Chlorophyll Water

“Drinking liquid chlorophyll seems to hit on people’s intuitions about naturalness and purity because you are taking water and adding something that comes from plants, which are instinctively viewed as pure,” said a professor of psychology at Occidental College, Andrew Shtulman. But TikTok is a weird place, and many things go viral here, not all things are useful. So let’s see the scientific evidence behind this and is it useful in treating what it claims to treat?


Many people started to drink this as an antioxidant for skin, basically to clear acne. Well, it can act as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substance that can help clear acne, but you should not rely only on this. Along with chlorophyll water, it is advised to eat green vegetables and other natural things.

Other Health Benefits: 

TikTok claims that this water has many health benefits from treating cancer to removing body odour, but there are no proper studies to support this. Even there is no solid evidence that this helps to improve gut health. It might work for you but it might not even.


Some people after drinking this water experienced diarrhoea or green coloured stools, some even faced allergic reactions. It all really depends upon you because until now there are no proper studies to support anything. Hence consult your doctor before drinking it.

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