Dubai Is Soon Hosting The Biggest Hot Dog Eating Competition In The World

One of the most famous New York restaurant Nathan’s Famous is all set to expand to Dubai and is also getting its famous Hot Dog Eating Competition to Dubai. So if you love hotdogs or know anyone who lives on hotdogs then this is the perfect chance for them to live there life. The venue, date and registrations for the competition have not been revealed yet, but the male and female winners will join the world’s biggest competitive eaters in New York which will take place on 4th July 2020. This going to be the first-ever halal eating hotdog competition. 

James Walker the senior vice president of Nathan’s Famous restaurants announced “Our team is excited about the growth and potential we see for Nathan’s Famous in Dubai, especially following our trip there just a couple of weeks ago,”

“We’ve made great strides with some incredible partners and look forward to growing our brand there and creating a new group of Nathan’s enthusiasts in the Middle East. It’s only fitting that with this growth, we bring the world-renowned Hot Dog Eating Contest to Dubai, and we look forward to finding a fantastic venue and partners to make it a reality.”

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