Dubai Airport Issues Peak Travel Alert; Expects 2.1 Mn Visitors In Next 10 Days

Winter is finally making its presence felt, UAE schools are breaking for half-term holidays later this week, Diwali is just around the corner, Global Village is about to commence, Expo City is happening and our Emirate is simply bursting at the seams with fun activities that are lined up. With the huge influx of tourists, there’s also a number of people looking to leave the city. With the half-term holidays, families are looking for a fabulous getaway close to the UAE. In fact, as per recent news Georgia & Monte Negro are rising as the new hot spots for the UAE.

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All this travelling means that Dubai International Airport (DXB) is expecting a huge volume of visitors over the next 10 days – approximately 2.1 million. Now that’s crazy! No wonder, DXB has announced a peak travel alert between October 21-30. Total average daily traffic is expected to reach approximately 215,000 passengers. October 30th is expected to be the busiest day with daily traffic exceeding 259,000 passengers.

DXB has issued a few travel tips:

  • Always stay updated with latest travel regulations for the destination you are travelling to and carry all the necessary documents with the required validity
  • Children over 12 can use Smart Gates to speed up the passport control process
  • Use online check in, where possible
  • To help save time at the airport, weigh luggage at home, check documents in advance, and be prepared for security checks
  • Those travelling from Terminal 3 can use Emirates’ early and self-service check-in facilities
  • Those travelling from Terminal 1, should arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before departure.
  • Use the Dubai Metro to get to and from the airport
  • Friends and families are advised to use the airport’s designated car parks or valet service

With this level of planning, we aren’t surprised that Dubai Made It To 10 Best Airports in the World List 2022.

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