Dubai/Abu Dhabi: 9 Offbeat Valentine’s Day Date Ideas To Show Her She’s Special

Now, don’t get me wrong; flowers are still very much acceptable for Valentine’s Day. All I’m saying is, this year, let’s go a little out of the box and make this day as special as possible for you and your significant other. Today, the date ideas I’m going to present to you are unique, fun, and should fit a variety of different personalities. You should surely find something on this list that you know your partner would love to do. So, you can still keep those dinner plans as a safety option, but how about spending the first half of your day doing any one of these fun activities in Dubai or Abu Dhabi?

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Dubai Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

1. A Sunrise Breakfast In The Sky

What’s more romantic than breakfast in the sky overlooking the stunning Dubai desert landscape during sunrise? With Balloon Flights, you can embark on a stunning sunrise hot air balloon journey, while you and your partner are served a fresh breakfast 4000 feet in the air. You’ll get to glide over rolling landscapes, picturesque valleys, and tranquil waterways.

2. Have A Boozy Arcade Date At Triple7

New In Dubai: The Ultimate Adult Arcade & Bar Has Opened In Dubai - Triple7

If you and your partner often find yourselves on arcade date nights, then might I suggest adding a little twist to it? And yes, that twist is alcohol. The newly opened Triple7 will be your perfect Valentine’s date night spot. You can sip away at your favourite drinks while going around and enjoying all the games you love.

3. Get Competitive With An Immersive Go-Karting Experience At Chaos Karts

This is Dubai’s first live-action immersive go-karting experience, bringing Mario Kart to life for you. You and your partner can engage in thrilling races, challenge each other, and gain the upper hand by grabbing power-ups on their uniquely themed race circuits at Chaos Karts. It’s not just a game; it’s a whole new dimension of excitement!

4. Enjoy The Remaining Days Of Winter Weather At A Desert Pop-Up Cafe

February to March is when the blissful winter weather starts to come to an end, and this year has already been a warmer winter than what we usually experience in Dubai. So this Valentine’s day, embrace the last few remaining days of the pleasant weather in Dubai and venture outside to a stunning desert pop-up cafe. Dubai will definitely spoil you for choice on this one.

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5. Dance The Night Away At A Reggaeton Party At Lekki

Watch as Lekki Dubai transforms into the hottest Reggaeton party in Dubai, featuring the stellar sounds of DJs Polin, Leon, and Lobo. Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere, with free entry for everyone all night, complimentary drinks for ladies from 10 pm to 1 am, and an exclusive drink offer for gents.

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6. Attend Dubai’s First Mega Festival Untold

UNTOLD Dubai Reveals Their First Round Of Headliners: 9 Unbeatable Artists

Now, this one might be considered cheating since it’s not actually on February 14th. Still, if you know your partner is desperate to see any of the artists performing at the Untold Music festival from February 15th to 18th, surprising them with tickets would make an incredible present to give them while you’re spending the day together.

Abu Dhabi Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

7. Explore Abu Dhabi’s Mangroves In A Private Boat Ride

This Valentine’s day, you and your partner can hop on a self-driving boat and sail through Abu Dhabi’s mangroves while touring the capital city in a unique way with Hero Boat Tours. As you cruise through the waterways, prepare to be mesmerised by the sights, from the majestic Sheikh Zayed Mosque to the historic Old Maqta Watch Towers, and the vibrant Al Qana to the serene Hunter’s Island. Each moment promises to capture the beauty of Abu Dhabi and your beloved partner.

8. Go Glamping On A Private Island

Imagine escaping to a private island just off the Abu Dhabi coast, surrounded by the shimmering waters of the Arabian Gulf. Starlight Camp Abu Dhabi, a breathtaking glamping haven, is sure to make the perfect Valentine’s day date spot. This secluded oasis, accessible only by a 15-minute private boat shuttle from Abu Dhabi, promises an exclusive experience so that you can just focus on your special person and leave the rest of the world behind.

9. Have A Blissful Staycation At A Traditional Farmhouse

What makes a staycation isn’t where you are; it’s who you’re with. This Valentine’s day, let’s get in touch with some Emirati culture and enjoy a stunning staycation at a traditional farmhouse in Abu Dhabi. It’s a chance to create memories that go beyond the ordinary and truly become a part of the story Abu Dhabi has to tell.”

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