Here Are 10 Of The Best Winter Pop-Ups You Can Enjoy Around UAE

Winter is the golden ticket to unlock the full potential of Dubai’s attractions. Unlike the scorching summer, winter invites you to explore the wonders of this vibrant city without breaking a sweat. And what better way to revel in the cool weather than by diving into the enchanting world of desert pop-ups? Here’s your guide to the most exciting winter desert activities in the UAE.

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1. Sonara Camp: A Desert Extravaganza

Escape to the Sonara Camp, where luxury meets the desert landscape. With locations in both Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah, this camp promises a winter experience like no other. From camel rides to falconry, live music to fire shows, there’s something for everyone. Choose from a sunset experience or indulge in a fine-dining set menu with world-class entertainment. Prices start at AED 300 for adults and AED 120 for children. For a taste of the desert, head to Dubai Desert Conservation Area or The Ritz-Carlton Ras Al Khaimah Al Wadi Desert.

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2. One Degree Cafe: Tradition Meets Trend

For a more traditional Arabian experience, One Degree Cafe in Al Ain is the place to be. This winter pop-up offers a blend of camels, bedouin tents, traditional music, and mesmerising fire shows. Open daily from 5pm until 1am, it’s a 40-minute drive from Downtown Dubai. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural vibes as you explore this unique desert cafe.

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3. Terra Solis: Desert Oasis

Just 35 minutes away lies Terra Solis, a desert haven with a massive central pool surrounded by dunes. Whether you opt for glamping in a Polaris tent or the ultimate luxury of an Orion Pool Lodge, this spot is perfect for a weekend getaway. Expect live DJ sets on weekends, making it a party paradise in the heart of the desert.

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Link by Mara, a pop-up near Sharjah Sustainable City, brings global cuisine to the desert. Unlike typical desert cafes, it offers a diverse menu, including sushi and kushiyaki. Open from 5 pm to 3 am on weekends, this cafe is a culinary adventure amid the sandy landscapes.

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5. My Space At The Nazwa Desert: Family-Friendly Oasis

Enjoy coffee, cakes, and a mesmerizing fire show at My Space in the Nazwa desert. This family-friendly spot with a kids’ play area is open daily from 3pm to 1am. Don’t miss the chance to ride a camel and savor the desert experience to the fullest.

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6. Jebel Hafeet Desert Park: Stargazing Retreat

Unwind in an air-conditioned bubble, dome tent, or traditional Bedouin-style quarters at Jebel Hafeet Desert Park. Located in Al Ain, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this spot offers mountain views, cultural exploration, and nights filled with stargazing. A serene escape just 1 hour and 45 minutes away.

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7. Not A Space At The Al Faya Desert: Scenic Coffee Stop

Discover a winter desert pop-up at Al Faya Desert by NOT a SPACE. With mountains as a backdrop, indulge in sandwiches, cold drinks, coffee, and desserts. Live performances and yoga sessions add to the ambiance, creating the perfect evening escape.

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8. The Starlight Camp UAE: Glamping Under The Stars

Embark on a pop-up glamping adventure at The Starlight Camp UAE, just 1 hour away from Dubai. Stay in crystal-topped tents for a unique stargazing experience. The location, shrouded in secrecy, ensures a secluded retreat.

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9. The Nest: Comfort Camping

For those who seek creature comforts in the desert, The Nest offers dreamy bedrooms, private en-suite bathrooms, outdoor majlis, and gourmet food options. Priced from AED 2,300 per nest, it’s a camping experience like no other, located in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

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10. Le Pre: A Sustainable Winter Pop-Up

Le Pré, a sustainable winter pop-up at Al Muwaiji in Al Ain, merges eco-friendly design with a celebration of nature. Using recyclable materials, it boasts a unique fusion of Western and local aesthetics. Culinary delights from Le Pré, Eight Pizza, Popup Burger, and Matera await, offering a diverse dining experience. Combined with a visit to Qasr Al Muwaiji, this pop-up provides an enchanting journey into the UAE’s captivating history.

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Here Is A Fun Bonus Desert Activity You Need To Try

Paramotor Desert Adventure: Soar Above Dubai’s Landscape

At Paramotor Desert Adventure, you choose you’re own desert adventure, with two captivating options: the “Desert from Above Adventure” and the enchanting “Love Lake Adventure.” Imagine yourself suspended in the sky for 20 breathtaking minutes, taking-in Dubai’s mesmerising landscape from new heights. Whether it’s the wispy sand dunes or the serene Dubai Lake, the aerial views will leave you awestruck. And for those seeking a more profound journey, the “Love Lake Adventure” extends your flight to 40 minutes, granting you an uninterrupted rendezvous with Dubai’s iconic heart-shaped lake, surrounded by the majestic desert. The only requirement is that you must be older than 12 years and weighing under 110 kg.

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