BUSTED: 3 Myths About Kids & The Coronavirus Vaccine

Both the United States of America and the United Arab Emirates have started vaccine trials on children. In both of these countries majority of adults are now vaccinated and hence they have come up with a solution for children. So there are a lot of myths around the vaccine for children, so here are three common ones and the explanation behind them:

The Vaccine Is Dangerous For Children: 

This is perhaps the biggest misconception out there. Right now Pfizer is being given to children of age 12 to 15 and it is said to be as effective and children as it was on adults. Only children that have to be careful or those who have any severe allergy reactions, any case if you have a doubt please consult your paediatrician or your family doctor.

Children Don’t Need Vaccines, Because They Don’t Get Sick:  

The second wave of this virus in India was a big example that children can be the victim of this virus. Many children had the same symptoms as adults had that of the virus. And we don’t know which new variant might surface, it is important that whoever can get the vaccine should get the vaccine.

It Can Ulter A Child’s DNA: 

Coronavirus vaccines have an mRNA of the virus. This means that a copied instruction set of that virus is injected into your body, the instruction set fades away but your body retains the immunity. So there is no way that the vaccine can alter your child’s DNA in any way shape or form.

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