After Meeting Someone Special, Woman Who Had Married Herself Divorces Herself

Credits: Instagram

Cris Galera, a 33-year-old woman, had married herself in September, but the marriage didn’t last for a long time. This year she got divorced because she ‘met someone special’. Cris, who is from the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo, previously stated that she was tired of being dependent on only one man and so married herself. She has, however, met someone new. “I was happy while it lasted,” Cris said while talking about the divorce. She said, “I started to believe in love the moment I met someone else special.”

Cris shared pictures of her wedding with a caption that said: I woke up huh! Yes, People, it’s true! I got on the wave of Sologamia and decided to marry myself I’m celebrating my Self Love and I want to inspire other women to exalt their self-esteem! Have you ever wondered if this fashion catches on?!”

She added, “Haha… This news had repercussions here in Brazil and abroad too ?… I’m getting thousands of messages from men and women all over the world wanting to marry me … It’s a shame because I’m not going to divorce me anytime soon … A Sologamy for those who don’t know is the Marriage of a person to himself … Now I want everyone congratulating me!”