Everything You Need To Know About Abu Dhabi SeaWorld – Timings, Prices, Attractions And More

It always seems like America gets all the good things. Like they have Disney Land and Disney World (seems a little selfish if you ask me) they even have Universal Studios. But definitely don’t get me wrong UAE has some amazingly unique amusement parks of our own, like we have Warner Bros Studios – and it’s the most spectacular time you’ll ever have. But now we can officially say that we have Americas very own SeaWorld right here in our side of the world. That’s right the first out of USA SeaWorld has come to Abu Dhabi and it’s going to be a SPLASH! On the 23rd of May SeaWorld Abu Dhabi opened up their doors to the public and invited everyone to be enchanted by their 8 magical realms. And now we’re going to share all the details you need to know about this sea-sational place, including how you can get the new upgrade to the Yas Annual Pass.

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What Should We Expect From The 8 Realms?

You will get to enjoy over 100,000 animals and experience the fun and thrill of their 15 amazing rides and explore their 8 realms, and here what you can expect to see in each of them.

1. Abu Dhabi Ocean

The adventure begins in Abu Dhabi Ocean, where you can engage with invertebrates, sharks, and rays in touch pools, learn about the local marine life, and explore the nation’s founding father’s respect for the natural world. You can even get a chance to get some amazing shopping done in the Abu Dhabi Souk.

2. One Ocean

You will get the chance to witness the park’s signature multi-media spectacular, One Epic Ocean, that takes you on a journey through the earth’s most fascinating ocean environments, while also celebrating the connection between life on earth and the ocean. This realm also features the Animal Care Center, an on-site clinic allowing guests to observe and interact with our expert veterinarians and animal care specialists who provide animals with around-the-clock care, routine check-ups, and treatment when needed.

3. Rocky Point

Discover a beautiful hidden cove in the USA’s Pacific Northwest, where park-goers will find seals and sea lions resting on rocks and swimming around their stunning surroundings. And if you’re lucky enough you can get a chance to feed the Sea lions, that definitely sounds like it would make some beautiful memories.

4. Tropical Ocean

Venture into a glimmering blue lagoon, a lush rainforest and various animals such as dolphins, flamingos, and tropical fish living in bespoke state-of-the-art dynamic habitats. This realm will also be home to the record-breaking Manta Coaster, a thrilling roller coaster with the region’s most airtime moments in addition to the world’s first zero gravity flip-out and the world’s first twisting double-down dive.

5. MicroOcean

This a special realm designed with young explorers in mind, children can discover the vital role of some of the ocean’s smallest inhabitants, plankton, through interactive exhibits, rides, entertainment and play structures. There are also 4 thrilling rides that everyone can enjoy: Turtle Twist, Octozoom, Jelly Plunge and Eel Racer. And kids get to enjoy 2 play structures – Kelp Climb and Explorers Sea Base.

6. Endless Ocean

Home to the world’s largest multi-species marine life aquarium containing 25 million liters of water and featuring over 68,000 marine animals. Here you can find 6 different different animal habitats: Schooling Fish, Sharks, Rays, Moray Eels, Crustaceans and Day Octopus. Marvel at the awe-inspiring 20-meter vertical window known as the Endless Vista, venture into The Cave, and traverse tunnels, all while being captivated by the marine life of the deep sea. An escalator ride to the bottom of the aquarium adds an extra dimension to your experience, allowing you to engage with and appreciate the underwater world like never before.

7. Arctic

This realm showcases the Walrus habitat as well as several other amazing polar species, such as: Puffins, Sea Otters and Coldwater Fish. Here you can enjoy the vibrant Juhani village, as you soak up the cold temperatures of the North Pole. You’ll also get the chance to embark on a unique research vessel adventure or take a ride on the captivating Hypersphere 360°, immersing yourself in a boundless realm of thrilling discoveries and endless exploration.

8. Antarctica

Get ready for some Penguin loving fun here. The Antartica realm highlights the Penguin habitat and you can get the chance to see the 6 special species that they have. Which includes: King Penguin, Gentoo Penguin, Rockhopper Penguin, Chinstrap Penguin, Macaroni Penguin and the Adelie Penguin. You will also get delicious dining opportunities here.

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Overall, guests will be able to indulge in 17 different dining options featuring a wide selection of cuisines across all eight realms of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, from quick snacks on-the-go to fine dining experiences with stunning views into various animal habitats, both above and below the water.

Must-Know Details:

Timings: SeaWorld Abu Dhabi will operate from 10:00am to 6:00Pm daily, with extended hours on weekends and holidays.
Location: Yas Island Abu Dhabi, right next to Yas Park 1
Tickets: SeaWorld Abu Dhabi tickets can be purchased online, priced at AED 375 for adults and AED 290 for children (with children below the age of three entering free of charge).

To experience more than one of Yas Island’s award-winning theme parks, guests can purchase tickets for multiple park access both online and at the entrance, with a 2-park access priced at AED 475, 3-park access at AED 575 and 4-park access at AED 675 – all multi-park passes are valid for 14 days.

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And get your Yas Annual Pass here

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