A Parade Of 50 Lamborghinis Drove Across The Country To Celebrate 50th National Day

Credits: Instagram

To celebrate the Golden Jubilee year of the National Day, a parade of 50 Lamborghinis drove across the country. Most of these cars are from the UAE itself, but 25 of these have come from Saudi Arabia via a road trip. The group drove across Ras Al Khaimah and Jebel Jais on day one. After that, they proceeded towards Marjan and Fujairah and Al Suhub Rest House. They will end their trek by driving up to the Burj Al Arab today.

Credits: Instagram

“All the Emirates’ super sports cars were also supporting us. They were so happy with us and we were also respecting their requirements. Our intention was to show our Saudi friends and friends from other countries to showcase the UAE,” said Usman Rehman who’s leading the Lamborghinis across the UAE.

Abu Dhabi Lambo owner Hisham Al-Khateeb said “People want to take pictures with the cars, children want to take pictures inside the cars also. These cars with their sound and power give you a feeling of excitement. I wish everyone can have this experience!”