Federer Surprises Two Italian Girls Who Got Famous With Rooftop Tennis During Lockdown

We have all found our ways to be productive and active while we were all under Lockdown. While some countries around the world are still under lockdown, certain countries have now opened up with stitch protocols and regulations in place. Similar two young girls in Italy 11-year-old Carola and 13-year-old Vittoria got extremely popular on social media three months back while Italy was under strict lockdown. Now you must be thinking about what made them popular? The two young girls love playing tennis and started to play tennis from there respective rooftops. While maintaining social distance the young girls took the game completely to an all are different level. Don believe us! Look at the video below.

While the entire world praised them for their unique way of playing, Barilla an Italian pasta brand decided to surprise the girls for their kind act. Barilla contacted the girls for an interview, and while the interview was on they were seen praising Federer who they love and mentor. Little did the girls know that Federer was present there. While the interview was on, Federer comes out of the room and was standing right next to them. The girls were so shocked and started jumping in excitement to see him next to them.

Federer then played a game of tennis on the same rooftop with the girls. The girls can be seen every happy in the video and was like a dream come true for them. If you think that’s it then you are wrong, Federer also had lunch with them where they had some delicious pasta. This truly a superb act of kindness which truly touched our heart.


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