Seven reasons​ Why FRIENDS is so popular even today!

Since the official announcement of a FRIENDS reunion, we are all smiles and teary eyed to see our favourite characters come to life once again! We got thinking on why the show still hits the right chord among all generations and here is what we got:

Seven reasons that make FRIENDS a timeless show to watch

1. Brilliant Characters

It is very difficult to pick your favourite, as Chandler, Ross, Monica, Phoebe, Rachel and Joey are all extremely relatable, funny, fun and lovable characters. The way they evolve into mature adults (sort of) from goofy early twenty-year-olds who don’t even have a ‘pla’) is a treat to watch!

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2. Comedy

Chandler is the funny one, but each character earns their own fair share of laughs with a heavy dose of constant sarcasm, wit and jokes that never get old. Words like ‘pivot’ and phrases like ‘how you doin?’ have an all together different meaning now

3. Fashion 

Be it Rachel and Monica’s crop tops and denims, or Phoebe’s long dresses, or Ross’s turtle necks, or Chandler and Joey’s casual yet fun wardrobe, the whole cast has subtle but ingenious fashion sense all throughout the series. Who can forget Rachel’s hairstyle that is famous even today!

Credits: Friends (Tv Show) Facebook

4. Ahead Of It’s Time

In the very first season of the show they made lesbian love as normal as it should be. And with the progression of th.e seasons their take on sensitive topics has been way ahead of its time.

5. The Magnificent Cast

The makers of the show got lucky to have found the perfect cast for the epic stories this show was about to tell. With the on point acting and unbeatable comic timing, the cast took the script and soared with it to unimaginable heights with each new season!

6. Genuine on and off screen FRIENDS!

The cast would not have agreed to a reunion unless they genuinely like each other! They were friends while filming and they have been friends ever since and this off screen love is what is seen on the screen and makes the cast such a warm set of people to watch. Not to mention, in real life, Rachel is Monica’s daughter’s God-Mother!

7. Story Telling

The makers of this show are masters at telling the tale of six friends in the most fun way. The series follows their lives and makes us a part of their journey along with making us laugh and love and get the warm fuzzy feeling as we see them on screen!

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