5 Ways To Fall Asleep Faster

Good sleep is essential for a good life. The first step towards building a sustainable healthy routine is having enough time to sleep. For most of us, the difficult part is actually sleeping on time to have enough sleep. Here are 4 solid ways to fall asleep faster:

1. Meditate

A good 15-30 minutes bet time meditation is a life-changing ritual to have. It’ll not only make you fall asleep faster but also make you a calmer and composed human being.

2. Smell It

Lavender and other such smells can help you relax and fall asleep sooner than usual. Light up a small candle or use some essential oils.

3. Read

We don’t mean thrillers or mysteries. Read something that is light and calming. It’ll help keep all the anxious overthinking away and you will drift off to sleep like a baby.

4. No Screens!

No matter what you do, do not look at your phone or tablet or laptop or TV screens. It’ll keep you engaged for longer than you think and you will also take a longer time to fall asleep.

5. Music

Not pop music! Listen to some soft instrumental pieces or songs that are like lullabies. Create a short playlist of about 4-7 songs and let the music take over while you sleep.


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