5 Toxic People To Never Date

The dating world keeps evolving. In this world of swipe rights, almost all the dating rules have changed. But the one thing that remains constant is that you should never date someone who is toxic!

Here are 5 kinds of toxic people you should never date:

1. Past Is Present

Everyone has past baggage and that is okay. But if you date someone who cannot let their past dating experiences be in the past, then it’s a genuine problem for the present relationship you guys are in.

2. Manipulators 

Do you find yourself willingly doing things you don’t want to, that don’t agree with you as an individual and are not good for you? You’re doing them just because your other half wants you to do so. You’re stuck with a classic manipulator!

3. Abusers

We all know what physical abuse looks like, but emotional abuse is commonly unidentified. If you’re constantly emotionally drained and your relationship has only tears and guilt, it’s time to look for signs of emotional abuse.

4. Self Centered

A relationship calls for equal space for both individuals. If one person is taking up all the space in the relationship with their selfishness, it doomed from the start.

5. Nay Sayers

If you’re with someone who is constantly saying no: no to you for hanging out with your friends, no to you for talking to your family, no to you for following your dreams. Then it’s time you say no to that person!


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