5 Reasons Why NETFLIX’S Emily In Paris Is Trending #1 In The UAE

We don’t need more reason to fall in love with Lily Collins, but NETFLIX has given us a major one. Lily Collins in and as Emily In Paris is all that your weekend needs. Here is why we fell in love with the show!

1. Oh Paris!

The show takes you through the city as if you are right there. Paris is one of the most important characters in the show and they do full justice to the majestic city of love.

2. Emily

The show’s central character is Emily, an American who’s travelled all the way from Chicago to take up a job at a marketing firm in Paris. Her character is charming and prone to mistakes and even more prone to rise above it all and seize the day!

3. Story Telling

The show flows very easily from one episode to another, never a dull moment. An effortless binge for sure.

4. Fashion

Emily’s wardrobe is superb! Each outfit worn by her is a delight to watch. Fashion displayed by Emily and several other characters is very interesting and fun.

5. The Cast

Most of the characters are complex and have many layers to their personalities. All this is brilliantly brought on the screen by this show’s stunning cast!


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