5 Gift Ideas For People Who Don’t Need Anything 

It’s very easy to gift someone something that they need. But if the person seems to have it all, it is very difficult to buy a gift for them. Also when you don’t know the other person well enough, it becomes a major task to hunt for a gift they will love.

We’re here with 5 ideas for gifts to be given to people who have it all!

1. Books

You can never go wrong with books. If they like to read, given them a book of their favourite genre. And if they don’t like to read, gift them a picture book or coffee table book that can also add to the aesthetic of their home.

2. Plants

If you’ve seen plants at their home it is the best gift to give. Preferably something small like a succulent or a mini areca palm.

3. Pens

Almost everyone uses a pen! You can get it custom made or go for a brand that your budget approves.

4. Collectibles 

Online and offline, several unique unbranded collectives are available to choose from. A cigarette lighter that also doubles as a torchlight, a vintage clock, or a hand-engraved pocket watch or a lamp that looks like a genie might just pop out. So many options!

5. Diaries

A diary or a journal never goes to waste. They can use it to write a thief grocery list, or take it to a corporate meeting. Either way, it’s a good gift!


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