5 Mental Health Boosting Habits To Keep You Sane Through The Pandemic

Life, since the pandemic started, has been so different. Online classes, work from home, celebrating festivals inside and so much more. Well, all these things seem great at the start, but a human being is a social animal and we have to socialize to stay sane. So here are 5 things you can do to keep yourself sane during these uncertain times:


Just 5 to 10 minutes of meditation can literally change your day. Meditation basically means when no thoughts are coming into your mind. The simplest way to meditate is to just concentrate on your breath and nothing else. You will notice that your productivity and moos will be better during the day if you start your day with meditation.


Reading a good novel or being hooked to a good story increases your ability to imagine. if you find a good book, you will notice that you finish your work faster and start reading it. This basically gives your mind something to look forward to.


One reason why many people have trouble sleeping is that they don’t exercise at all. Working all day makes your mind tired, but in fact, you are just sitting all day. Your body needs some exercise or movement to function properly. Just exercise of about 30 to 45 minutes a day can do wonders for you.

Maintaining A Journal Or Diary:

Writing your thoughts at the end of the day can help you a lot. This exercise basically helps you to get anything out of your system, it is almost next to therapy.

Spending Less Time On Social Media:

Social media has all types of weird news, stories and incidents. Some of these incidents can be very disturbing and unpleasant. So stay away from negativity as much as possible.

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