5 Ways To Pamper Yourself At Home!

While everything around us seems to be opening up, the number of Covid-19 positive cases are not down to zero yet. We are still advised to be cautious and follow all the safety-related rules. In this attempt to stay at home for a little while longer, we’re here with our support.

Spare a day from your weekend and pamper yourself with these ideas:

1. Face Masks

You have so many options to choose from! Buy the mask that has your favourite ingredients and suits your skin the most. Put on some music, let your face be covered in that nourishing mask and cut a couple of cucumber slices for your eyes.

2. Warm Bath

Go ahead, splurge on those bath bombs you’ve been eying for a while now. Light a candle with the fragrance that you love. Soak your body in the relaxing bath and let go of all the worries.

3. Hot Shower

If you don’t have a bathtub, this one is for you. Head to the shower fully geared up, with your razor, exfoliating scrub, body butter and music as per your taste.

4. Do Nothing!

Set a day when you will do nothing but hang out in your PJs. Binge on Netflix or curl up with a book. Order in the food that you crave and dare you to count its calories! Just relax and let go and spend an entire day doing no work at all.

5. Bake 

Every real estate open house has warm cookies because freshly baked cookies smell like home and happiness. Baking can be oddly satisfying and relaxing. Taking raw flour and turning it into a delicious slice of heaven can be all the pampering your taste buds and mind needs for the day!


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