4 Shocking Hair Transformations That Will Give You Life!

Hair is an important part of our lives! We may choose to not care about it or be obsessed with it, either way, it has a big impact. The day becomes automatically better if the hair feels good. Good hair days make us feel good and confident and ready to take on the world! Changing the hair can be a great ‘pick up’ to instantly feel like one’s awesome self! And it is equally awesome to see others go through incredible hair makeovers and come out as completely new versions of themselves. Here are four shocking hair transformations that will give us life:

1. Silk Press Transformation

This video is full of dry, curly, difficult to manage hair is transformed into smooth, straight and beautiful silk pressed hair! All the ladies with different types of hair length getting extremely satisfying glow ups is a treat to watch.


2. Look New

This one is a beautiful compilation of normal mundane hair being transformed with colours as vibrant as the rainbow. Kudos to the creative heads out there imagining these brilliant hair color styles and going ahead with the insanely cool hair looks!


3. Couple Transformation

This is an older video that is still so fun to watch! This couple with insane hair decides to chop it off and end up looking decades younger. Also featuring our favourite Oprah this video is an all-time gem.

4. Emotional transformation

Be ready for an emotional transformation of a man who hasn’t cut his hair in a very long time. This video is proof that it isn’t just the ladies whose life undergoes a major change once they decide to do something big with their hair!


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