This Women Created ‘Quarantine Barbies’ Saluting The Real Heroes

Every girl has surely owned a barbie once in their lifetime. While we know barbie use to be a style icon back then and the fashion amongst the younger generation was always influenced by that. But however, it’s good to see that over the past couple of months barbie toys are not only focusing on beauty and looking pretty but is producing barbie in all shapes and colour, which we feel truly promotes to love and accept yourself the way you are. And a particulate tone cannot define beauty and that life is not picture perfect.

Similarly, a 56-year-old woman in America took barbie dolls a notch higher by producing a collection of ‘Quarantine Barbies’ which salutes the real heroes and shows the support to them while we have all been staying indoors because of the pandemic. She is known for making grandma barbies which are actually very cute and shows the other side of life. If you are not you should follow her on Instagram on Grandmagetsreal.

1. The Sanitization workers who clean up all our trash from our house while we bing on Netflix and Chill. If we think their job is small, then just capture the image of all your garbage that would have been piled up outside our houses if they would also sit back at home.

2. Who’s next? Of course our doctors, nurses and the entire medical staff who is running around 24/7 to treat all the COVID patients and risking there lives by coming in constant touch with the infected patients

3. Last but not the least, the grocery store staff, who are going daily to work to make sure all of us get our daily essential needs without any trouble.

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