3 Ways On How To Stay Hydrated During The Day?

Water is a very essential component, our body is 70% water. Staying hydrated at all times is very important. If you drink less fluids during the day you will not only feel lazy and less energetic, your bowel movements would be weird as well. Water regulates everything in your body, temperature, blood pressure, etc. Sometimes when you yawn too much, it doesn’t mean that you are tired, it can be dehydration as well. So here are some hacks on how to stay hydrated at all times:

Set A Goal: 

During winters, your body needs less water, so in a day about a liter should be just fine. Of course if you need more you should go for it. But keep water bottle beside you at all times and track your progress. Preferably, keep a bottle with a progress marker on it.

A Glass Before Bed & A Glass When You Wake Up: 

Do not skip a glass of water before bed. Since you are not going to drink any water for the next 8 to 9 hours, drink a glass of water right before you go to bed, and don’t worry your body will take care of it without causing you any trouble. You probably have your tea or coffee the first thing after you wake up, right? Don’t do that. Have a glass of water first, you’ll wake up better and you’ll be energetic the whole day.

Water Based Foods: 

Fruits and vegetables like watermelon, oranges, bottle gourd, cucumber are water based foods, which means they keep the body cool and hydrated. They are easy to digest and the best kinds of foods you have during summer.


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