What Is Double Masking? & How To Do It Right?

The new variant which is surfacing in a lot of countries is said to be much more contagious and deadly. So it is probably a good idea to start double masking. Double masking means having double protection against the virus, more layers will be covering our nose and mouth which in turn will provide more shield against the virus.

“The more layers you have covering your nose and mouth means less virus you’re able to disseminate into the population. And then the more layers you have between you and the environment, the fewer viral particles are going to get into your system,” said Thomas Duszynski the director of epidemiology education at Indiana University’s Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health.

Though some points you should keep in mind before wearing a double mask are, breathability and filtering capacity. Choose a breathable and soft fabric or if you are using two different masks make sure that it has a good air filtration. The best type of combination is a surgical mask and a N95. This duo of masks provides maximum protection against the virus and is almost foolproof. Other than that KN95 also provide a good amount protection, you can opt for that as well. If opting for cloth masks, fabrics like vinyl make it hard to breathe, so be careful with that.


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